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January 08, 2009


Theodore Johns

CIty of Gold would have been an awful title. And Barry's fawning paragraph was about as painful as Tasha's sentence example. Yes, we all know you're educated Barry, we've known from the beginning, so please stop continually trying to show us.

Oh, and a Mamet-like ear would mean his dialogue is heightened, as opposed to authentic. Something Mamet himself admits most readers get wrong. So don't feel bad.

Cozy Crime

That's not a very respectful way to speak to someone, Mr. Johns. I think it's nice that Mr. Eisler shared his feelings about the book with us. YOu can't nitpick everything in the world. I don't care for Mr. Eisler's books because they have too much foul language and dirty sex in them (I think he's obsessed with dirty sex) but he has a right to express his opinions without people jumping all over him.

RG Jonas

That's sad when a writer of fiction only reads one decent novel in a year.

Barry Eisler

Thanks for the thoughts, everyone. Theodore, certainly reasonable people can differ regarding the relative merits of different titles and I'm sure you have good reasons for your opinion. Not sure what you found particularly fawning or educated about my thoughts; perhaps this is another subjective area? You're right about Mamet -- poorly put on my part (though I'm not sure "heightened" quite gets it, either), and thanks for the correction.

Cozy Crime, your comment reminded me of Woody Allen's line in response to someone's assertion that sex isn't bad or dirty: "It is if you're doing it right..."

RG, FWIW, I read many decent novels last year, but as I noted in the review, Lush Life was the standout.


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