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November 05, 2008


Logan Lamech

It's sad to seem him go.

Logan Lamech


He was one of the last lingering poets.

Barney Clonfelder

Why don't you post something new, you lazy bastard?

These bloggers make me so angry, always posting stuff then not posting nothing!

You young people think you know it all, well you don't know nothing about nothing.

You make me so angry!

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You asked a very serious matter, the most important to you now, but before you answer it, I would like to ask anybody. What do you think are the duties of "a higher power", the existence of which you have not yet been denied, in relation to man? If making the life of every "ordinary person" who "all", as can be more comfortable, it is obvious that this "higher power" in their duties can not cope. But the fact is that Christians in such a "higher power" never believed. God in whom Christians believe, this person, contact with which is the meaning of life for everyone.

Man is created to Eternity: we reliably know that there will be a point where your consciousness, just as the consciousness of any other person disappears, and earthly life is given to man as the preparations for the Eternity. We are also aware that the one who in this life does not find the path of his personal relationship with God, communion with Him forever, this is hopeless, incomparably worse than the suffering that you have to suffer with your child. Every person is given certain conditions for spiritual growth to meet with eternity, each their own.

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