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October 28, 2008



No one has captured who she was as well.

I've been tearing my hair out reading all the solipsistic comments on other blogs - people claiming to have loved and been loved by Elaine, when in reality they didn't give a shit about her and she was well aware of it.

You were one of her favorite people. One of her two "secret loves" - and she was better for knowing you as you were for knowing her.

Elaine would have loved this post more than any other. And she is having a grand laugh right now at the comments everywhere.

Nothing is more true than she had no patience for the phoniness and the bullshit.

You have done her proud. Expect one of her trademark squeezes when you join her, along with a hearty gravel laugh, and a "Can you believe those fuckers?"


Thank you, from me, too. You knew her better than I, and you said it beautifully.

Philip Hawley, Jr.

I certainly can't claim to have been a close friend of Elaine's--hadn't even heard she was ill--but I will claim to have known her. It didn't take long to know Elaine. She had no guile, no pretense, in a business known for both. And despite her worldliness and savy, she was quick to give new acquaintances her trust, as she did with me.

I pray that St. Peter is welcoming her to heaven as I write these words.

Patti McCoy Jacob

For what it's worth, David, I love that you opted in favor of writing about Elaine Flinn on your site. I think it's safe to say she would not consider your blog a "crass" medium to convey your grief. You were one of her two secret loves. I have a feeling I know who the second one was... also, if you look back through your archives, she was a major contributor. Meaning she obviously thought a lot of you and your work. And this site. I'll bet she feels honored.

Also, if anyone's going to talk about the real Elaine, don't you think it should be someone who actually knew her? Someone who will actually feel a hole in his life with her passing?

I never met Elaine in person. But she and I had a few correspondences on another site, thanks to Paul Guyot introducing us. The first thing she said to me? "Any friend of Guyot's is a friend of mine." Right away (and never quote me on this), I knew she was my kind of gal.

I really missed out by NOT having known her. And I'm sorry for your loss.

Louise ure

Thank you for this, David.


Sorry for your loss, David. And guyot's, too. I know you guys were especially close to her. She loved her men.

Karen Terry

I am sorry for your loss. I hadn't heard of Elaine Flinn or read any of her books. I will look up her books in the library and read them.


Well written, and very moving. She was a special person.

Great stuff David.


James O. Born

well said about a great lady.


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