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August 03, 2008


Dave White

Interesting... in checking your background, I see that you haven't been very successful giving blog advice before. I have therefore decided to disregard everything you say and pay everyone to who comes along offering to help me.



Pay? I thought I was supposed to sleep my way to the top. Dammit!

kim smith

Hey! just found this blog through another writer buddy... good info here. I agree about the "people who give advice have to have the experience to back it up" theology. This one has bitten my rear-end big time.

Marie Bailey

David, you have some great reminders here, and I try to keep these in mind when trolling the internet for writing advice and resources. Recently, I’ve been “offered” the opportunity to develop a novel through a long-distance course with a writing mentor. The red flag for me? This mentor has no presence on the internet (no blog, no self-promoting website) and his two novels are being sold for a penny a piece on Amazon.com. Since he has been published, I’d be willing to accept his advice for free, but since I can barely find evidence of his existence, I certainly won’t pay for it.

One blog that your readers might find useful is the Writer Beware Blogs (http://accrispin.blogspot.com/), a publishing industry watchdog group. I subscribe to their feed because they provide timely and detailed information on scams and sharks.

By the way, I really enjoy your blog. It is the only one on crime fiction that I subscribe to.



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