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July 25, 2008


C.T. Henry

I would definitely consider attending ThrillerFest in the future. In fact, I was hoping to attend Bouchercon in Baltimore, but alas, I have one more year in London.

David J. Montgomery

I'm anticipating that Bouchercon is going to be great this year. Really looking forward to it.

The advantage to B'con is that you have SO many great people in attendance. Of course, that can also be its disadvantage, as the numbers tend to limit the possibility for intimate conversation.

Fitzwilly Householter

Actually, not everything is expensive. There are a few conferences that are worthwhile that are not even close to the price of Thriller Fest.

And remember, Thriller Fest had a decent first year, a lousy second year, and a good year in '08. So, the jury is still out as to whether it's truly the conference all its organizers think it is.

Barry Eisler

I dunno... I had a great time at all three. But I was always in the bar until late, so maybe I'm not objective...


Cosmo Vittelli

Fitzwilly is just bitter because he propositioned Lee Child in the men's room at the second Thriller Fest and was rejected.

That's why I never wear pants.

Cozy Crime

My web site has become a haven for the crude and reprehensible. I don't care for it anymore.

And now these people talking yuck-yuck here at your wonderful site.

Well, I don't know what the Internet is coming to, but I'm sure Mr. Gore didn't imagine all this.

David J. Montgomery

Let's keep a lid on the nonsense, folks, or I'm going to start moderating comments again.


Heather Graham was so freaking hot in BOOGIE NIGHTS.


I heard about ThrillerFest from a friend. One of my favorite authors, Anthony Flacco, attended it and was even up for an award. I would definitely love to go to one someday.

[Ed. The rest of the message was a bunch of spam, so I deleted it.]

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