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June 08, 2008


Doug Riddle


Each type of fish requires different equipment (lures, etc.) and tactics. A Bass lure is diffrent from a Trout lure, etc.

But a question for your friend from Alabama....When was the last time Sports Afield reviewed a book that was a mystery?....or published a mystery short story?

Cameron Hughes

I demand you change the blog to Bass Fishing Dossier!

Larry W. Chavis

The large-mouth bass is the Holy Grail of fishing. ;-)

non-fiction books

fishing as non-fiction. class!

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Going fishing, every angler, regardless of their biases and preferences in methods of fishing, is interested in the success of this event. And if the purpose of fishing is not unrestrained libation, then under the term "successful fishing" will catch fish, but better - the trophy. However, there are a number of problems that hamper the process to bring the fishing to the desired logical conclusion. An experienced fisherman will try to analyze the situation and draw the right conclusions, but most so-called "dummies" to analyze the reasons for failure are less likely, citing the results of a failure of fishing by any arguments, but only improper failures. This continues until, as long as one of the "besklevnyh" days they are not met the angler with a decent catch. Then, in their minds will begin to creep into vague thoughts: "Why does it have a bite, but I do not have?" An interesting question to which answers do not lie in the inner "bins and caches, and are often on the surface, it is important just in time to find them.

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i like this part of the post:But the bottom line is that I'm open to writing about other kinds of books. (Especially other genre fiction, like SF, horror, etc.) Someone just needs to convince the publishers to send them to me."" is verygood

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