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February 17, 2008


Bill Peschel

Can't offer any information, but she sounded legit to me. There have been a few cases where agents have called BS on someone masquerading online, because their advice was so far off the mark. Never heard that about MS.

Besides, why would someone go to all that trouble to masquerade as an agent? George Clooney, I could understand. But an agent? Might as well try to pass yourself off as an editor. Or worse, a reviewer.

Sandra Ruttan

I know who Miss Snark is, but I'm certainly not telling. That's her choice to make.

Cameron Hughes

I am. You caught me, David.

BT Walsh

I don't believe either one of you.


In view of Sandra's comment, it's pointless to theorize, but I thought she knew the business, though perhaps only from the chicklit perspective.
What made me dubious was the enormous amount of time she had on her hands to read and critique regularly hundreds of sample queries submitted by her readers.


Be careful what you're publicly confirming.

You don't want to be a blogger who makes grand statements and predictions, then gets proven wrong, and never admits they blew it.

Oh, wait, that's the other blogger.

David J. Montgomery

I know... And I hesitated to say anything for just that reason. I didn't want to play coy or taunt "I know something you don't know."

But I decided it was worth confirming that she is a real agent so that people can take her advice accordingly.


My mind was blown by twin-induced sleep-deprivation during a large chunk of her reign, so I caught her in reruns.

I think she's great. I'd imagine if she wrote a writing how-to, it would stay on people's lists when they trade writing how-to recommendations instead of writing.

Elaine Flinn

Whew! I'm so glad you cleared this up, David. Now people will believe me when I say I'm really NOT Ms. Snark.

I mean, hell - if I were - I'd know a lot more about this biz and would have been on the NYT list by now, right? :)


Miss Snark was great and I asked her to write that how to book. She should have. Any she was a real agent. I know quite a few people who know her. And no, she was not two male agents at WM.

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