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February 27, 2008


Patti Abbott

I figure it's better than smoking, which was how I used to use spare time. And is reading them or writing them the greater waste of time.

David J. Montgomery

Oh, good question... For most blogs, reading them is definitely the greater waste of time. (That's primarily the purpose I use them for.) At least the act of writing them feeds the writers ego. For us, they're just empty calories.

Elaine Flinn

Hey, reading blogs are great when you're losing at Solitaire.


I'm with Elaine on this. Reading blogs can be enormously informative about people and trends.

And WOW! on Bryon's marriage. I used to read his blog in the days when he was oh, so lonesome and sad. :) Yes, he shared his feelings of romantic despair freely, and those posts always got him lots of consoling comments. (Smart guy!)
I'm very happy for him.


This is going to sound terribly pathetic, but blogs are my way of adult interaction. Yes, some may be immature, juvenile even, but I have never seen one of my regular bloggers mention poop and expect me to laugh about it.


I started a completely self-indulgent blog in 2000. I didn't expect visitors, because, it was just the way things were back then. I don't think commenting had been invented yet.

I just wanted my diary to look pretty. Seriously. He missed that bit, but then maybe that's a girl thing. ;-)

Nowadays, it's therapy and community. It's like ... having a drink at the local pub every day and shooting the shit with friends.

Except I don't know where that cool writer's pub is, so I blog.


Coming a bit late to this thread, but throwing in my 2 cents anyway: I totally get that blogs and blogging can be a total time-suck, and yet.....

Were it not for some great blogs / forums / chat rooms, I would not have met a few people who have become dear friends. I think we occasionally take for granted the role that cyber-world plays for those with shared interests who would otherwise not find each other. As spyscribbler says, "it's therapy and community....and shooting the shit with friends."

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