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February 21, 2008


robert ferrigno

You've got a baby, and Jackhammers and ditchwitches bother you? Get an ipod, you weenie.

Brandt Dodson

My initial thoughts are that you would probably be ok in using a blunt object. To the best of my knowledge, there are no organizations like; "Doctors against blunt objects" or "Mothers Against Blunt Objects".
And as odd as it may seem, the courts generally understand normal human reactions. If this individual needs the application of a blunt object against the side of his - or her - head, you may find a sympathetic court.
Then again - what do I know?

Cameron Hughes

I'll kill him for a fee. They'll never convict a cripple.

David J. Montgomery

Dammit, Cameron, I told you. No special treatment!

First it's immunity from murder... Next you'll be wanting a ramp or something.


The law is settled in this area. A wooden bat, such as the one Juan Marichal used to brain Johnny Roseboro, is quite legal. However, the metal bat, when cranium-aimed, is quite felonious.

That will be $500, please.

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