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January 01, 2008




Was trying to put together a semi-inclusive list of 'best of 2007 books' lists... Any additions/suggestions?


David J. Montgomery

I should post a Best of 07 list. I'll see what I can do.


I wish someone in this silly blogosphere would have the guts to post a worst of list.

Wouldn't that be so much more interesting to read than yet another Best of?

Walt and I think so.

But then, we're generally mean-spirited types.

Clea Simon

How about a year-end summary of places to review? You and I have emailed a bit off list about this, and I'd be curious to see a blog of your thoughts on the review scene: Any place expanding? Any good editors finding smart ways to get more books in, even at shorter lengths? Or is it all bad news?

Elaine Flinn

What a sense of humor that Guyot has, huh?

Roddy Reta

How about a list of best debuts? That's one thing that Oline Cogdill does in her column that I really appreciate.


A great year! I speak for both of us.

As for Paul's idea: it's very unkind, I know, but I always have so many more titles I hated (against their obvious success) that I feel the same way he does. Must be the writer's frustration coming out.

David J. Montgomery

Roddy, here you go:


I.J., I know what you mean. I dislike at least as many books as I like. I'm not sure there's much value to making a list of them...Although I would enjoy reading other people's selections. :)

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